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Start of New Beginnings!

Looking back on 2011, it gave us a lot fun. Full of fantastic releases. And to sum up some of the Tenderversion high lights, here is what made 2011 so special for us and for many of you out there:

Mire Kay and the release of their debut ep “Fortress”, their creative minimalistic folky-sound came to stay. Solander have done a lot of things 2011, for sure. Not even half a year after the release of their follow-up “Passing Mt. Satu” its (nearly) sold out. If 2011 was a busy year for Solander, here comes another one with new adventures! September Malevolence is among to the oldest horse in the Tenderversion Stable. Still going strong though! Their awaited third record “Ours Withers Unwrung” contains well balanced indierock and inventive Gothenburg postrock, at its best. We also released our second book this year, Scraps Of Tape package their fourth album “Resident Flux” into a lovely book. Inside of it you see a series of collaborations between twelve invited artists to freely interpret one of there assigned songs into art. How did it sound? Better than ever. Old is king.

This and lots of more things is what made 2011 very special for us. Great thanks to all of you who support us and/or our lovely bands during the year. Bye bye 2011, high5 2012!

You’ll find the Tenderversion 2011 artwork sum up here: Mire Kay, Solander, Scraps Of Tape and September Malevolence.

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