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solander back in the US + tour w/ Jolie Holland!

Solander is back on the road! In a few days they are heading out on a Scandinavian tour supporting the amazing Jolie Holland. Don’t miss out!

In mid October they are returning to the US for a set of festivals, including Culture Collide in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and CMJ in New York. Get your tickets to San Francisco and Los Angeles now already, more details on these shows when we’re coming closer!

In between these tours Solander are doing a very special show in their hometown Malmö. The venue is a beautiful old theater and special guests are invited to make the evening something extra. Get your tickets here!

26 Sep 2014 DK Copenhagen @Vega /w Jolie Holland
27 Sep 2014 SE Lund @Mejeriet /w Jolie Holland
28 Sep 2014 SE Göteborg @ Pustervik /w Jolie Holland
29 Sep 2014 DK Århus @ Voxhall /w Jolie Holland
30 Sep 2014 NO Oslo @ John Dee /w Jolie Holland

4 Oct 2014 SE Malmö @ Victoriateatern (With special guests!)

14-15 Oct 2014 US San Francisco @ Culture Collide
16-18 Oct 2014 US Los Angeles @ Culture Collide
22-25 Oct 2014 US New York @ CMJ

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Album release: Killers Walk Among Us

Today is the official release of Killers Walk Among Us debut album! We’re truly happy that we got the question to be part of this, two years back. And today we’re happy to share it with you! KWAU’s debut album is a masterpiece, the story is stunning, the songwriting innovative and provocative. Spanning between orchestral arrangements and tapping guitar melodies, yet it’s compound. The soundscape of the album is huge, yet only a genius can keep these arrangements together, it’s sharp and clear in every sentence where we’re going.

Ten years ago Stefan Holmberg formed his band Killers Walk Among Us in Gothenburg, brilliant songs were written and talented musicians from Gothenburg vibrant underground scene joined the band and gave the songs their touch. Back then we were thrilled of the sketches we heard, there were something big going on. KWAU redefines bit by bit what the ever-present term postrock can be synonymous with. By incorporating strong elements of indie rock, vocals and lots of choirs on top of the drive, KWAU merge two worlds without causing a crash.

The expression and the creative process was the breathing of one mans life for a long long time, until just now. Sadly Stefan is not in this life any more, we can’t share this release day with him, but his band members are and we can together make this album spin forever. This is the debut album of Killers Walk Among Us, thanks for sharing your story with us Stefan!

KWAU is/was: Stefan Holmberg, (guitar, vocals), Susanna Brandin (bass, vocals), Mathias Sjögren (drums), Vera Westberg (synthisizers, trombone), Pontus Palmgren (guitar) and Emelie Gunnarsson (piano, vocals). The album is recorded in Gothenburg by Martin Bergman at Music A Matic, and mixing by Magnus Lindberg (Khoma, Cult Of Luna, Kongh, a.o).

Get your physical album (vinyl only) from your local record store, order online in our shop, digitally at iTunes or listen at Spotify or other by choice!

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Ramberget… new video from KWAU!

The new Killers Walk Among Us video was just premiered by the Scandinavian music magazine Gaffa! Take a look at this beautiful piece that celebrates friendship, the strongest thing we got. It reminds us of how fragile things are, how fragile life is.

Killers Walk Among Us was formed in Gothenburg and centered around the creative wizard, Stefan Holmberg. During ten years ten songs have come together by the need of express and process feelings. The expression and the creative process was the breathing of one mans life for a long long time, until just now. This story is tough to handle, its not just about innovative bombastic indie rock, it lies more in-between the tunes here for us to grasp and to put words on. Open your eyes, point your ears, let the good out in this music. The story doesn’t end good, but silence is not an option, together we can illuminate bad endings. This is the video and the second single from KWAU, Från Ramberget ser jag allting som någonsin hänt oss här. The band and friends celebrate their friendship and sends out a last loving hug to their beloved missed friend and band member, Stefan Holmberg.

The self titled debut album is finally coming out on June 4. Pre-order your piece of vinyl here, and your digital copy here. Both will be delivered on or around the release date. We wish that this album find its own way out there… Please help it to reach out wide and far, cuz it’s a masterpiece that needs to be heard!

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Scraps Of Tape’s Sjätte Vansinne!

It’s here, Scraps Of Tape’s own custom made distortion/fuzz pedal! This ultra-limited hand-built pedal was built by Henrik Jakobsen in collaboration with Scraps Of Tape and was key to shaping the sound on their new album “Sjätte Vansinnet”, to be released on February 26th.

If you’re looking for that creamy sustained Floyd like lead tones then go buy something else. Scraps Of Tape’s Sjätte Vansinne is a twin mode distorton/fuzz, based around the 4049 chip. The overdrive-mode goes from semi-clean to distortion, and can also be used as a dirty booster. The specially designed Vansinne-mode uses three cascading inverters to achieve the really overloaded and very loud fuzz that can be heard on several SOT tracks past and present. When no note is played, it self-oscillates and can be used as an excellent noise/madness-machine.

PRE-ORDER HERE: http://tenderversion.goodsie.com/pre-order-scraps-of-tapes-sjatte-vansinne-custom-distortionfuzz-effect-pedal
170€/1500 SEK + shipping, including the album on CD or vinyl. But be quick, there’s only 15 copies up for sale!

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Solander – Monochromatic Memories is out!

This is the day, this is the one. The new Solander album Monochromatic Memories is now out all over, the sunrise is here! This wonderful album have been a shining pearl, lying super hot at the office for a long time, and we’re so happy to finally share it with all of you! The two singles All Opportunities and The Woods Are Gone have already been spinning frequently around the globe. Happy for all the great words, thanks for the support so far!

You can still order the album (Vinyl/CD/Digital) from Solander’s crowdfunding campaign at IndieGoGo and support them on the way to the US at the same time! It is also available digitally from iTunes and Spotify among others.

Touring all over
The EU tour starts off next week. Be sure to come to one of the shows if you’re anywhere near!

These are the dates:
10 Feb 2014 DE Greifswald, Kontorkeller
11 Feb 2014 DE Dresden, Scheune
12 Feb 2014 DE Berlin, Privatclub
13 Feb 2014 DE Würzburg, Café Cairo
14 Feb 2014 DE Erfurt, Franz Mehlhose
15 Feb 2014 DE München, Milla Club
17 Feb 2014 AT Graz, Scherbe
18 Feb 2014 AT Wien, Rhiz
19 Feb 2014 DE Nürnberg, MUZ Club
20 Feb 2014 DE Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
21 Feb 2014 CH Winterthur, Kraftfeld
22 Feb 2014 DE Freiburg, Slow Club
23 Feb 2014 DE Münster, Pension Schmidt

US Tour
10–16 Mar 2014 US South by Southwest, Austin, TX
20–23 Mar 2014 US Treefort Music Fest, Boise, ID

…More dates will be added shortly!

More info on solander.se or facebook.com/solandersweden

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New Scraps Of Tape insanity unleashed!

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for a wonderful year together. A lot of new tunes have been released this year, videos and artwork have been made. Love to all of you that make this wonderful things happening. It will be a completely packed year 2014 with massive releases coming up. To celebrate the new year, we give you a glimpse of what to come. Enjoy We, The Leftheaded, the first track from the new Scraps Of Tape album Sjätte vansinnet! With this we look to the future with energy and a whole lot of love! Stream it via Soundcloud or download it for free or pay-what-you-want from Bandcamp!

Scraps Of Tape – Sjätte vansinnet
Scraps Of Tape. A quintet that is ever evolving and always going from strength to strength. There are no taboos or musical barriers that stands in the way of this band, one of the very best Sweden has to offer. It is a madness, the sixth, that washes over us. But do not be afraid, dare to embrace it. Sjätte vansinnet (Swedish for ‘The Sixth Madness’) is Scraps Of Tape’s fifth album is being released February 26th 2014. It was recorded during a couple of hot summer days in May 2013, in the Malmö-based Discrete Motion Recordings studio under the supervision of Erik Sunding. The album follows a common thread that the band carefully has created via the Grand Letdown (2009) and Resident Flux (2011), the two latest albums that cemented the band’s strength in writing, frankly, ridiculously awesome rock music. It’s indie rock that wants to challenge, energetic music that invites you to a sound just beyond the ordinary and templated.

The name ‘Sjätte vansinnet’ pinpoints much with us. That sixth sense that we all in the band seem to share, something greater than ourselves, which in fact may be some kind of insanity. It is something that drives us forward and gives us so much, while also pushing us closer and closer to the edge of the abyss. The sixth madness is this incredible gift given to us which eventually will probably destroy us, but until then we will enjoy it, and ride the storm until it throws us off. We think anyone who’s ever been part of a larger creative project knows what we are talking about. This is our sixth madness.
- Johan G Winther, Scraps Of Tape

A1. We, The Leftheaded A2. Fuga, A3. Hands In Hands, A4. Teardrop Fucking Exit, A5. Vultures With High Heels, B1. Among Haters, B2. Once We Were, B3. Log Cabin, B4. A Neverending, B5. Alla utom jag måste dö

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All Opportunities with Solander out now!

Recorded in Stockholm with producer Christian Gabel (Ane Brun, bob hund, a.o), All Opportunities build steadily with synthesizer and cello melodies courtesy of Solander’s member Anja Linna, restrained yet driving drums, and the delicately appointed vocals of Fredrik Karlsson shading the edges with color and emotion. The lyrics speak of the heartbreak of letting someone go, but the blow is cushioned via a bed of gorgeous sound.
The track was premiered last week by Stereogum who calls it “intimate incandescent folk-rock blown out to celestial proportions”, as well as by the Swedish music blog PSL who says “we’ve been longing for new sounds from the Malmö band”. Indeed!

Get the track from iTunes, stream it on Spotify or download for free or “pay-what-you-want” from Bandcamp. Thanks for your support!

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New single from Solander, touring with Junip!

The time is finally here to say that Solander is back with their third album Monochromatic Memories in January 2014. First out is the single All Opportunities, to be released November 25th! The album was recorded in Stockholm with producer Christian Gabel (bob hund, Ane Brun, Thåström, a.o) earlier this year. It’s a landscape of sounds, more sounds, vibrant cello loops, vintage synthesizers, driven drums, vocals and lyrics that hits and touches in under every part of you. Solander have managed to develop and expand their songwriting during all of their albums. You can truly feel the creative happiness, power, the scars from the mourning, but the light is always there to guide you out. The honesty is the boom.

The single and album cover art is once again made by the Tenderversion design crew Skogen. The concept do eco the title itself. The collage are pieces from family pictures, some are memories that resists colorful and some will forever be misty and black. It’s the contrast between these that makes it pure and alive.

We have a great crew working around the globe to make this record spin all over. And we wish so, we are truly proud to be a part of this. Soon we set it free for you to listen to, move to, dance to and to touch. Spread the word and mark November 25th as THE day!

So much great news, can’t stop it: Solander will support Junip on their Scandinavian dates in November! A perfect match, don’t miss this!

26 Nov 2013 NO Oslo, John Dee
27 Nov 2013 SE Göteborg, Pustervik
28 Nov 2013 SE Malmö, Babel
29 Nov 2013 SE Stockholm, Kägelbanan

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Killers Walk Among Us!

Killers Walk Among Us is the latest rising stars coming out of Gothenburg’s vibrant music scene. A new band, but with the members’ experienced roots winding through every second of their already well-developed music. Like other Swedish acts, (see: Hunt, Khoma, Cult Of Luna and label mates September Malevolence) KWAU redefines bit by bit what the ever-present term post-rock can be synonymous with. By incorporating strong elements of indie rock, vocals and lots of choirs on top of the drive, KWAU merge two worlds without causing a crash.

The first double single Bonjour Tristesse/Denial Is Not Just A River is released today, digitally and on colored 7″ vinyl! It consists of two remarkably strong tracks, taken from the upcoming self titled debut album to be released later this year.

Among all the uncompromising rock music from Sweden, KWAU is a future name spelled with bold black letters.


Get the tracks from iTunes or your favourite digital outlet, listen at Spotify or order the beautiful 7″ vinyl directly from our shop!

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new video: Yamon Yamon – clear up

Yamon Yamon – Clear Up from A Tenderversion Recording on Vimeo.

Clear Up is the new single from Yamon Yamon‘s upcoming second album “Uisu“. The video is now up on Vimeo and YouTube! It was shot outside of Stockholm March 2013 during the snowiest day this year. The artists in action is Mathias Macke Quisth and Filippo Cantoni.

And, if you’re in Stockholm tomorrow, you have the chance to see this song live, and many more new songs at their releaseparty for “Uisu” at Berns Salonger. Come celebrate this wonderful album with us!

But first, rock this out on your digital device:

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